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The Application of Code Division Multiple Access for Wireless Communication Systems

Author : K. Raja
This study presents a modern methodology for low-frequency wireless communication with an inappropriate communication rate based on the direct sequential Code Division multiple accesses. Wireless communication takes place via acoustic, radio frequency (RF), and optical waves. Analog wireless networking can achieve higher throughput at low latency speeds relative to its restricted acoustic and RF equivalents in connectivity. Nevertheless, the extreme conditions of the channel present tremendous difficulties for WCs and dramatically limit the reachable contact distance, needing appropriate routing and optimization strategies. It is also important to consider different strategies for accessing multipath that affect the communication protocols of Acoustic wireless communications. Thus, from some kind of layer-by-layer viewpoint, researchers have a detailed overview of the problems, developments, and opportunities of acoustic network devices. The advanced analytics partitions the network into sub-frames and receives data across these sub-frames. In the variation range, within the frequency response and the high throughput, a message is released in a channel.
Keywords : Acoustic, Wireless Communications, Optimization, Code Division Multiple Access
Volume 6 | Issue 1