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Volume 3 , Issue 3 : September 2019

Table of Contents
Speaker Identity Using the Convolution Neural Network based Deep Learning Model
  • Shamala Palaniappan
  • Nurnasran Puteh
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Performance of OLAP & ODP for Information Mining in the Data Warehouse
  • Ghani Albaali
  • Narawitch Lertngim
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A Computational Big Data Graph for the Optimization of Path Foundation
  • Olayiwola Babarinsa
  • Suhail Ahmed Rajpar
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Analytics of Sequential and Parallel Computing to solve TSP
  • Abdul Razak Rahmat
  • Hamisu Ibrahim
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MLC of High Performance Computing Workload with Variable Transfer
  • Ammar Hameed Shnain
  • Jutaporn Lertkrai
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