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Understanding Effective Shopping Mall Design In The Age Of Online Shopping With Special Reference To The Malls In Sonipat

Author :
  • Sabyasachi Dasgupta
  • Anushka Agarwal
Abstract: Shopping malls have become aggregators of experiences and shoppers these days are more looking for a clubbed experience rather than just a purchase. Given the online alternatives which have become specially highlighted during the pandemic COVID-19, the shoppers would only visit retail stores if they are looking for blended experience of purchase by individual or family. However such a set up would prominently be present in the urban areas where customers have higher spending powers to afford the blended experience. The malls in a semi-urban city like Sonipat face hard times to attract customers as their engagement levels would be difficult to accrue as target group are reluctant to pay for it. Taking a qualitative observational study route and seven lenses from Literature review analysis, this paper unfolds how various shopping malls of Sonipat could enhance the shopping experience while at the same time stick to the limits of a price sensitive semi-urban customer.
Keywords : Malls, Design, Rural, Technology, Psychotheraputical, Omnichannels, Experiential Retail
Volume 2 | Issue 3